Promoting Blog on Facebook Using Blognetwork

Blognetwork is a Facebook application which allows you to fetch the post from your blog and publish them on your facebook wall also you will get the fans for your blog using Blognetwork application.

All you need to do is just follow the 5 blogs on Blognetwork and you have verify that you are author of the blog. Now you can use the blognetwork to promote your blog on facebook. Just think about it, Blognetwork is viewed about 100,000 times on facebook so there is high chance that your blog will be seen by atleast 100. So these 100 visitors are all for free, no advertisements, no other expenses. If many of them are subscribing your RSS feeds then surely these visitors are going to be daily visitors.

So just promote your blog on facebook using Blognetwork, to grab this free opportunity.


  1. Rick says

    You really had a great idea and Facebook is getting very good to promote your blog with its pages, applications and others stuff. May be I will consider to build a page of my blog over there.

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