5 Websites to Check the Earnings of Any Website

Friends today I am here with an exciting article on checking the earnings of any website/blog (approx. income). These websites will tell you how much traffic is expected on that particular site. So let me share you the top five website that I came across.

1. Websiteoutlook.com : This site is top in my list as it was also developed by an Indian. This site tells you about the estimate worth of website, daily pageviews and daily earnings. It will nice when you experiment the earnings of your competitors, like I do. You can see the alexa rank and its reach for audience. It also shows the host you are using, other website hosted on that webhost account. The thing that makes it best for me was the user friendly interface.

2. valuemyweb.net : I came across this site through google advert. This is also nice website you can check dmoz listing, yahoo indexed pages, google pagerank. A very simple website.

3. urlworth.com : urlworth.com is one of the simplest site to check your website’s earning. The user interface is quite simple and makes it easy to use. Also it shows google page rank, dilicious links, reddit links, stumbleupon links, and backlinks from many other sources. A new feature is that it can detect the fake page rank that admin has created to fool the visitors. Overall ratings “average”.

4. mysitecost.com : Mysitecost.com is unique in itself main feature that it displays is your monthly ads revenue, also it calculates the google backlinks, yahoo backlinks, alexa rank, DMOZ listing, alexa link. I will rate this website as average.

5. bizinformation.org : This site displays the estimates in local currency. Simple and sleek design are its advantages. If we talk about features then it can show daily pageviews, daily visitors, worldwide rank, local rank (shows the rank in that country), number of pages and external link. It can also show the visitors by country, traffic history, server location, server speed. Last and the best feature is server setup, this gives you the complete details of your server. Its quite interesting just give it a try.

Please share us your experience, if you come across any of these website.


  1. says

    Hi. bhaveek.
    I am checking my blog into websiteoutlook.com.They shows all type information about my blog and keywords strength which i am using my blog. My next step going to popular my blog through out world. Your post its really helps to know about popular website information and others to beginner website developers. Thanks for your valuable post.

  2. Sachin says

    Hi bhavik ,
    Nice info u posted on the page. It is really helpful. Can you please enlighten the information on making money on website. Information which could be understand to a person who is not from tech background. it will be really easy for new comers like me who doesn’t know anything much. Is it really necessary that website owner could make money?

          • Hardip says

            I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

            How’s my blog. Is there any suggestions for it? I run a blog network. There are total 60 blogs established on various niches on separate IPs. What’s your core-business? OR doing job ?

          • says

            your blog is nice, i have notice that you are not using adsense under the menu??? I have experimented enough then found that under menu links perform better than entire ads on my blog. 60 blogs that’s so big network. I have only 2 blogs and I do own a business. Would like to know where you have hosted 60 domains I mean you need a VPS for that. So which company are you currently hosted with??

  3. shahbaz Khan says

    Hello Brother.
    Many of the popular online tools show my website PR to be 3,but some of above show 0.what should be the problem?

    • says

      Gagan you are right, because its just earnings estimate and not the actual earnings. Actual earnings may depend upon several factors like blog niche, alexa rank, backlinks, content quality, etc.

  4. Osuofia says

    This is a great list for every blogger,it is very good when you want to sell a site, thank you for the post. i will come to read your next post.

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